Scheduled tasks are running at longer intervals than their configured times in Confirm

Product Feature: Application Infrastructure



Scheduled tasks are consistently running at longer intervals than their configured times, even when executing quickly. For example the interval time is set to 5 minutes, but they seem to all execute every 9 minutes.


This is caused by a time difference between the Confirm database server and the server executing the Task Processor. This only occurs on pre V16 Task Processors.


UPDATED: June 13, 2018
In pre V16 versions of Confirm, task processor scheduling is done at the database end whereas processing and last run time is updated at task processor end. That’s why tasks are getting queued a consistent period after their scheduled time.

To resolve this issue, both machines' time should be in sync.

However, with V16, scheduling and processing are done at Task Processor end, so time difference will not matter Confirm V16 onwards.