Resolve SQL filter corruption when importing and exporting via sarputil in Sagent Data Flow


Sarputil partial export and import is not working correctly on Sagent v6.8.10 and Oracle 12c.
After the partial exporting and importing of the plan via sarputil, the SQL filter seems to be corrupt. For example there are additional SQL Transforms listed in the drop down menu in the SQL filter.



The cause of this issue is that there was a change in the Oracle API from Oracle version 11g to 12c which has caused the utility not to work correctly.


UPDATED: August 1, 2017

The resolution is to install the Sagent V6.8.11 Patch (scheduled for release end of January 2016).
Please contact Support if you have been running with Oracle 12c and Sagent V6.8.10 or older.
If you have not upgraded to Oracle 12c yet, you need to follow the steps that will be mentioned in the V6.8.11 Patch readme.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Utility Tools

Operating System: Windows 2008 64bit

Database: Oracle 12c


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