Malformed XML journal while consuming DIJ file in EngageOne Digital Delivery

Application Server - Apache Tomcat 6


EngageOne Digital Delivery fails to consume the DIJ file completely which leads to failure of mail sending process.


In case its a new installation , there is a [possibility of JDK version mismatch. To verify the same, ensure to check below :
Malformed XML Error

Another reasons this could occur due to insufficient Java Virtual Machine (JVM) heap size. In this scenario, apart from
XML input file parsing error, JVM memory related error message are observed in e-Messaging logs.



UPDATED: May 30, 2017
To increase in JVM heap size, follow below steps.

On Tomcat running as Windows Service:
1) Stop Tomcat Service
2) Open Command Prompt using "Run as administrator" option and browse to Tomcat's bin directory in the same.
3) Run command "tomcat<x>w //ES tomcat<x>". <X> is place holder for version of tomcat.
Attached screenshot suggested command used for Tomcat version 6.
4) Go to tab 'Java' in the opened Tomcat property window.
5) Specify 'Initial memory pool' and 'Maximum memory pool' as per the RAM Availability on the server machine.
Ratio of 'Initial memory pool' and 'Maximum memory pool' should be 1:1 or 1:1.5.
To start with, 'Initial memory pool' and 'Maximum memory pool' each can be set 512 MB. Refer screenshot attached (Tomcat_property_screenshot.png).
6) Click OK and restart Tomcat service.


On Tomcat running from Command Prompt:
1) Go to Tomcat's bin directory.
3) Add set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Xms512m -Xmx512m below above searched line.
This will set 'Initial memory pool' and 'Maximum memory pool' each as 512 MB.
Refer screenshot (Catalina_bat_screenshot.png) attached.


Note: This article covers steps required if EngageOne Digital Delivery is deployed over Apache Tomcat (shipped with e-Messaging installer). For other Application Servers,
please refer to respective documentation to increase the JVM heap size.