Execution of EnagageOne Generate (Doc1gen) fails with GEN0036A Image metric with keyed Image



Image file expected in output is not getting placed while using keyed Image.
Doc1gen fails with 'GEN0036A Image metric' not found and 'GEN0439W' is also thrown.


During generation of HIP file, device name under ‘output file’ needs to be specified in 'output' tab of production job.
While using External keymap feature in doc1gen, a keymap XML (created from Doc1make or Key map generator tool) needs to be supplied to EngageOne Generate (doc1gen) under the <kepmap> in OPS file. This keymap XML should have same value of ‘Device’ specified in ImageDeviceInfo tag of the keymap XML.

GEN0439W with 'GEN0036A Image metric' could occur if device name is not contained in keymap XML in the record 'ImageDeviceInfo' tag.


UPDATED: May 30, 2017
Ensure 'Device' in ImageDeviceInfo tag of kepmap XML is same as Device name specified under ‘output file’ in 'output' tab of production job.
Refer following screenshots.


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