Resolve issue reporting on Retaining Walls with the Structures Condition Indicator List in Confirm

Product Feature: Condition Assessment


A customer runs the Structures Condition Indicator List reporting tool to report on Retaining Wall condition but they don't receive an overall score, as shown in the screen shot SCI_List (please see attached).

Checking one such feature on the customer's system the dimensions you'd expect for such an asset as a retaining wall do seem to be present.


Looking at the screen shots of Feature and BCI System Setting, we found a mismatch. Please see the attachment 'Feature and BCI Settings mismatch.png'. In the BCI system setting screen, In the 'Retaining Wall Panel' section the value set in the 'Length Measurement' is 'Length' but in the corresponding Feature Screen's 'Attributes' tab we do not have any length attribute - instead it has the attribute 'Span Length'. 


UPDATED: September 27, 2017
We changed the BCI setting screen (BCI Settings screen) and updated the 'Length Measurement' field with the 'Span Length' attribute instead, then re-ran the report. This gave the correct results in the 'Structures Condition Indicator List'.