Resolve need for a Street Works Alert for Permit Grant Received in Confirm

Product Feature: Street Works


A Streetworks Alert with Alert Entity - > Notice and Alert Event - > Permit Response successfully generates an Alert when a Permit Application is created or received. A Permit Response is required on those Applications. 

The client works as a Utility so what they need is an Alert when they get a response to a Permit from the Authority.

They know they have created a Permit, so do not need an alert for that. Instead they need an alert when receiving a response informing them they need to do something. 

To summarise: they need an Alert for any incoming response on a Permit.


Currently 'Notice Permit Response' will not work when trying to achieve the above objective.


UPDATED: September 27, 2017
Try setting up a Notice Expiry Alert and set it off immediately once it is received for specific Notice Types. So the customer might need to create one for each Notice Type they want to generate an Alert for. 

See attached an exampled of such a Notice Expiry Alert from Pitney Bowes. With this we do get an Alert when receiving a Notice.