Resolve Sagent DFS crash with "Connection reset by peer" error when holding output file open


DFS crashed when holding output file open in excel for specific plan. The user has experienced DFS crash when he hold the output file open and executed the plan in Design Studio.The user has opened the output file through a share on the DFS server. This error is occurring only with a specific plan.


Although the server seems to be in a running state, you cannot execute the plan as you get the connection rest by peer error again immediately. Then you think maybe just restart Sagent Design studio but on restarting DS the error below is thrown. The only way to get Sagent to work properly again is to restart DFS service.

The exception is thrown from SaUtConvertException function and during the unwinding of the stack the exception was raised at a given point due to which the DFS crashes. It could be due to the threads being in intermediate stage when stop operation was initiated and the due to which stack unwinding could not happen properly.



UPDATED: April 21, 2017

Follow these steps:
  • Stop Sagent Dataflow Service
  • Add registry key "HandleDcAbortException" as DWORD with value set as 1 in \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\sagent\dataMart\DC
  • Restart Sagent Dataflow Service

Environment Details

Product Feature: DataFlow Server


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