Resolve issue where the map in Street Works wizard zooms out to max extent when site is selected in Confirm

Product Feature: Mapping



The Map in the street works wizard zooms out to the max extent when site is selected.


Caused by one of the layers in the map workspace having a feature with the Site_Code the same as the site selected for the works, being incorrectly mapped (will be showing at the limits of the extent being displayed).

When the Street works map opens in the wizard, the system checks all the map layers present for any feature with the same site code as that selected for the works. It then zooms the map to display ALL these features. If one is incorrectly mapped then the map will zoom out to include the incorrectly mapped feature.


UPDATED: September 26, 2017
Edit the map layer with the incorrectly mapped feature and either remap correctly OR delete it if not required.