Resolve MailStream Plus IBMi- 'Name/Address File Layout' CHUI screen UPCPST60 does not have fields for B CODE 'Element Type'

MailStream Plus  all versions, when running on Operating System: IBMi (AS400, iSeries.


When you look in the MailStream Plus (MSP) 'Reference Guide' (or 'Guide'), the parameter used to configure batches in a mailing (B CODE) has an option for whether the 'Batch Code Element Type'(s) are 'C'haracter or 'P'acked. 

On the IBMi- 'Name/Address File Layout' CHUI screen UPCPST60, it  does not have fields for selecting B CODE 'Element Type'
User-added image


The only two fields are Position and Length 


UPDATED: August 31, 2017
The CHUI screen does not have the option.  It is felt that on IBMi, no users will use packed data.  
(If packed data does need to be used, the B CODE parameter can be manually edited in the PRMMSjobid STPRM member)