Resolve installation failure to connect local SQL Server in OfficeMail OFMA


Installation started by right click setup.exe and choose “run as administrator”. 
As soon as it get to the stage where it request to connect to SQL instance, following issues occurs:

1. Choose Windows Authentication (which successfully connect via SQL Server Management Studio), click on “Next” but nothing happen i.e. installation doesn't proceed to further stage; like it not able to connect.

2. Choose SQL Server Authentication, but still failed to access with SA account (default user comes with SQL Server installation).


For "1", the Windows Authentication doesn't have the full permission, hence OFMA installation failed to connect/proceed.

For "2", the SA account hasn't enabled for the SQL instance.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
For "1", please report this to the Database Administrator (DBA) who responsible for the SQL server as help is required to verify and correct the Windows Authentication permission for the SQL server; please note that this is SQL server permission/access right, and not Windows OS permission/access right.

For "2", enable SA account within the SQL server:
1. Login to the SQL server instance using SQL Server Management Studio. Right-click on the database instance, and go to Properties.
2. On the Server Properties page, Click on Security. Click on the radio button next to SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode, and click on OK to close the Server Properties page.
3. Restart the SQL Server service to make this change effective. 
4. Login to the SQL server instance using SQL Server Management Studio and go to Security. Expand Security, go to Logins.
5. You can see the sa account is disabled (red arrow pointing down).
6. Right-click on the sa account and go to Login Properties. Specify a complex password for the sa account. By default, the Enforce password policy is checked. (if you don’t want to provide a complex password for the sa account, you can uncheck this option. However, this is not recommended.)
7. Click on the Status page. By default, the sa account will be disabled. Click on the Enabled button to enable the sa account. Click on Ok to close the sa Login Properties.
Refer to link below for more info:
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