Error GEN0499A Message in is ignored as it refers to an unknown data field in EnagegOne Generate


When running Advance Preview or EngageOne® Generate with a HIM file from Content Author, Generates reports below error:

GEN0499A Message <Message> in <Message Area> is ignored as it refers to an unknown data field


Message conditions (using data fields) are set up in the Content Author Admin console, and assigned to Domains that are used by the web client when creating messages.  Once all message areas and conditions are set up in the Admin console, this has to be exported from Content Author and imported in EngageOne Designer so it is aware of and can make use of the available message areas and conditions.  This has to be repeated for any change that is made in conditions, variables and message areas in Content Author.

Error GEN0499A indicates either of below situations

  • A field in message which has not been defined in Designer. All the filed needs to be set to a required value before messages appear in Designer logic.
  • The language used to create the messages in Content Author does not match the language used in Designer (locale).  It is recommended to leave the language as "all" rather than selecting a specific language for the messages.


UPDATED: October 16, 2018

Set the trace option when running the advanced preview in Designer and ensure that MessageProcessing=YES is defined in the <Messages> section of the ops file when running Generate. This provides detailed information when any message is not placed. 

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To define the message data field (where you resolve it against the required value), select Insert--> Field --> Set Vatiable

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In this dialog, select the relevant message data field (the one set up in Content Author), and resolve this with the correct corresponding field in the data, or any other of the options available (constants, lookups, system variable, variables and so on):

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After this is done, the conditions now have a value to test against, and will process this based on the value supplied.