Desktop standardizes the address differently than Geostan

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Processing an address through Centrus Desktop, it standardized differently and hence returning a wrong lat/long compared to Geostan.   We use the below datasets in the desktop configuration setup and the same goes for geostan. M:\QMSDATA-MLD\MLDPoints; M:\QMSDATA-MLD\NavteqPoint; M:\QMSDATA-MLD\TomTomPoint; M:\QMSDATA-MLD\TigerStreet; M:\QMSDATA-MLD\NavteqStreet; M:\QMSDATA-MLDTomTomStreet
 Input AddressStandardized Output values
Centrus Desktop2344 SW16TH TERMIAMIFL3314580.23338525.757800S8BAP022344SW16THST
Geostan2344 SW16TH TERMIAMIFL33145-0.23300025.752900E020ZC5X2344 SW16THTER


 Desktop and Geostan match modes are not the same. Please refer to the Geostan User manual and search for "Desktop" to see how the match modes for each application relate to each other. 


UPDATED: March 30, 2017
To emulate the Centrus® Desktop modes, use the settings in the following table.

Centrus Desktop
(Match Mode)                        GsSetMatchMode                 GsFind
Tight                                        GS_MODE_EXACT        1 | 2
Close                                       GS_MODE_RELAX        1 | 2
Extended                                GS_MODE_RELAX        1 | 2 | 3 | 4
CASS                                      GS_MODE_CASS         1 | 2 | 3
GeoStan Close Mode          GS_MODE_CLOSE        1 | 2