Resolve "No records found, do you wish to reselect?" message when clicking on a Dashboard item in Confirm

Product Feature: Ad-hoc Reporting


A user has built a Data Source named “outstanding_claims_status” and it all appears to work.

The Dashboard from the report also works. When clicking on the type of “ready to progress – from signatory review”, however,  it returns "no records found" although the dashboard display them:

Dashboard Bar Chart

No records found error
If we now opt for 'Yes' (reselect) and have no criteria on, the Data Source pulls back those records and links to the information as expected.

Data results


The Engineering section verified this on a local system and the problem is due to the '–' or long hyphen existing in the "Ready to Progress - From Signatory Review" values. The same problem exists in the old 'classic' Dashboard.


UPDATED: September 26, 2017
This can be resolved by replacing '–' or long hyphen with '-' or short hyphen.