Resolve GraticuleLayer Issues in MapXtreme 7.3


You observe a number of issues with labels on the major and minor lines for graticule layers:

1 – The minor lines labels are drawn at the same spacing as the major lines despite having different values specified. If they set the ‘LabelWithDisplayCoordsysUnit’ property to true, labels seems to be drawn correctly and they do not know why? Example in this shown in the image below:

User-added image

2 – Minor labels are partially drawn as shown in the image below:

User-added image

3 – Is it possible to specify a decimal value when drawing labels as you can with MapBasic?


1 - Raised as a defect (MXT-7893)

2 - Raised as a defect (MXT-7893)

3 - With LabelWithDisplayCoordsysUnit property set to true, the labels are drawn in decimal, like, ‘4,5°’. With LabelWithDisplayCoordsysUnit property set to false, the labels are drawn in degrees and minutes, like, 4° 30’.

If you want to draw in decimal, then youshould set LabelWithDisplayCoordsysUnit to true. However, in this case, you may encounter the second issue.


UPDATED: March 12, 2018

This issue has been fixed in MapXtreme® 8.1. Please upgrade to this version to make us of the fix.

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Products Affected: MapXtreme® 7.3


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