Resolve issue where Confirm crashes when using the 'i' information button on the Map screen


Confirm crashes when the 'i' information button is used within the Map screen.


This is normally caused by a corrupt or incorrectly configured map layer.

For example, any map layer that contains a column called "MI_Style" will cause this issue.  This is a reserved name so shouldn't be used.


UPDATED: September 26, 2017

Turn off all visible map layers in the Map workspace, then turn each map layer on one at a time, checking each time to see if the 'i' button works.

When the culprit map layer is turned on and the 'i' button is used, Confirm will crash.

Check the offending map layer in Mapinfo Professional to see if the column  "MI_Style" is present. If it is then remove or rename the column.

If you are unable to ascertain the issue with the map layer then raise a case with Technical Support and include the problem map layer. This can be checked by engineering and remedial action advised.

The workaround to this issue until you are able to fix the map layer is to make the layer non selectable in the map layer properties window.

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Product Feature: Mapping



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