Resolve zone attruibutes are assigned to wrong isochrone polygon in Routefinder v4.12

Products affected: RouteFinder™


Creating a 10 minute, 20 minute and 30 minute isochrone for any destination results in polygons which contains record with wrong attribute data assigned. The attributes are saved in reverse order.

User-added image

In the screen shot above the 30 minute area (red) is selected but the browser window shows that 10 minutes row is selected. If more zones used for the calculation it shows that the attributes are reverse written into the output table. For example with 5 zones the 50 minutes zone gets a 10 minutes label, the 40 minutes zone gets the 20 minutes label, etc. 


This is a bug which has since been fixed in RouteFinder v4.14. 


UPDATED: October 4, 2017
Users should upgrade to the latest version of MapInfo RouteFinder for the latest bug fixes where possible.