Enter the addresses without explicitly specifying the unit or apt.


Clients frequently enter the address without explicitly specifying the unit or apt. For example 250 W 90th St 8k, New york, NY 10024 instead of 250 W 90th St APT 8k, New york, NY 10024. In this case, they missed to add ‘Apt’. These types of addresses get Zip centroid hit with Geostan when google earth , bing, USPS are all parsing them correctly and gives a point level location hit. What is the solution to this parsing issue?


This is working as designed. When addresses are malformed or missing information it impacts the certainty of the match. CLOSE match mode is designed to provide high-quality matches while greatly reducing the possibility of false-positive matches. While there may be cases where CLOSE match mode can return matches without UNIT type on input, in this particular case, the short, ordinal street name increases the possibility of a false-positive match, so the strictness of the matching rules helps to avoid a possible false-positive match.


UPDATED: April 18, 2017

Include the unit type or use the RELAX match mode or use single line input for these addresses.

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