Resolve issue where Jobs for Third Parties Appear as Requiring Scheduling in Confirm

Product Feature: Non-routine Maintenance
                            Work Allocation


In one particular organisation, a Job may be ‘passed back’ for certain reasons. For example a Street Lighting Job is created to repair a fault but, on attending, the electrician finds that it is the responsibility of the Distribution Network Operator (the Third Party in this case). 

For this organisation it is beneficial to keep the Job open for the purposes of Linked Enquiry management, however it then appears in the list of Jobs to be scheduled within the host, causing an issue for staff who are scheduling work (because this is now a Third Party responsibility). Other ‘Interim’ Job Statuses set up in the system are also behaving in the same way.


There is no error here - the system is working as designed.

The Job list available in Confirm is based upon Jobs that are 'Committed' and 'Outstanding'. Removing the Outstanding job would effectively cancel the Job, any Enquiry Status would be specific to the Status, not the 'Outstanding' flag and the Job would no longer be downloaded/available to schedule in Workzone.

This organisation's business rules on occasion deem the Job Status as ‘Passed to an appropriate action officer’. This effectively is then dealt with outside of the team who schedule all of our works. As you can imagine, these Jobs then still appear on Workzone for the Scheduling Team and appear as a task that they need to schedule.


UPDATED: July 19, 2017
It would perhaps be a better solution for this organisation to change the action officer on these types of jobs in order to keep it out of sight of the team scheduling the work. For the record, the scheduling team are making use of the Workzone preference ‘Show only tasks allocated to me in the task list’ under a generic action officer that all staff in that team can use.