Resolve error "Could not create pdf for submission" in OfficeMail


OfficeMail Printer Driver failed document submission with pop-up message:
 "could not create pdf for submission"


This may be cause by one of the following:
- corrupted Printer Driver installation
- corrupted Printer Driver's temp directory
- permissions issue


UPDATED: April 12, 2017
Please re-install the Printer Driver using the PI OfficeMail(TM).msi or via right click option of "run as administrator" toward the "setup.exe".
Make sure you login with admin right (full control) user to perform Printer Driver installation.

Try clearing the Printer Driver's temp directory i.e. the users temp folder (%temp%), where you can find the ‘Pitney Bowes’ directory; here is where the PrintDlg.log can be found e.g.
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\Pitney Bowes\PrintDlg.log
C:\Users\nex1hkm\AppData\Local\Temp\Pitney Bowes\PrintDlg.log
Delete everything in the Printer Driver's temp directory; all directories and files, including the PrintDlg.log.

Please also try restarting the machine.

If problem persists, please collect following for support team,, as this need to be raise to development team for further verification:
- PrintDlg.log
- all OfficeMail logs which can be found in OfficeMail log directory at all relevant servers; Admin Server, Web Server, Bundler Server, etc
Please also provide answer for following:
- Is the problem only affecting specific doc or it rather every doc?
- Is the same problem also occurs when testing from a different machine?
- has the affected doc involves attachment and/or insert? If yes, please try submitting the same doc without attachment/insert
Environment Details