Resolve EngageOne Server deliverDocument web service failing to compose document.

Product Feature: API (Web Service, SDI, etc.)
Products Affected: EngageOne Server 3.1.2, 4.3, 4.4 (up to SP2)


Discrepancy in the way that submitWorkitem and deliverDocument work.

When the user makes the call to update the work item and then submitWorkItem the composition goes without issue. However, if the user deploys deliverDocument and provides exactly the same set of files in the call (ANSWER, HIP and PROPERTIES) received from the ActiveX there is a composition failure.


DeliverDocument method not working with partial HIP files.


UPDATED: July 13, 2017
Modified deliverDocument method to check type of provided HIP files and merge them if needed.

This patch is available on request for all builds of 3.1.2, and will be included in the next official release of EngageOne 4.4 (no date available at the time of writing this article).

Quote CES-44528.