Resolve save issue with Content Authors web client "URL unexpectedly ending in /js"

Product Feature: Installation Error

Operating System: Windows Server 2012

Configuration: Client Server


When using Content Author's web interface, the 'Save' and 'Save as' buttons are grayed out. Looking at the Windows Event Log (WEL) an error is displayed. 
  • Message: Request format is unrecognized for URL unexpectedly ending in '/js'. 


There is a problem with ASP.Net and the Application Pool being used to host Content Author. The installation of the software did not complete correctly.


UPDATED: July 27, 2017
To resolve this issue please follow these steps:
  • On the Server (machine where Internet Information Services is installed) open an command prompt 
    • Press and hold the Windows key on the keyboard and while still holding press the letter 'r'
    • Type 'cmd' in the run box that appears and click 'OK'
  • The black command window should now be open, change to the following directory
    • c:\windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319
  • Now enter the following command to re-install ASP.Net
    • aspnet_regiis.exe -i
  • Once done, restart the server for the changes to take effect and try the save function in Content Author.