AutoSubmission big input files


AutoSubmission is not able to submit big input files. Files about 200Mb anb bigger are causing software crash.


Currently, there is no possibility to send document with huge size. It is also difficult to say what is the limit for pdfs because it not only depends on size but also on how complicated pdf is (numer of objects, numer of fonts). We still improve performance by doing some code modifications and upgrade libraries that is used for processing pdfs that allows bigger pdfs to be uploaded correctly (Amyuni library) and limit will be increased but it is not possible to upload any size (unlimited).


UPDATED: May 11, 2017
Best resolulution for this issue is to split file into smaller parts, you can also try to increase workstation or VIrtual Machine amount of RAM, but after many tests, splitting is currently the most efficent resolution for this.
Environment Details
Product Feature: Auto Submission

Operating System: Not stated

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