Resolve issue where launching Spectrum Spatial Analyst using a specific URL does not display the map from SSA 8.0


On pre 8.0 Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA) versions the interface includes a Link option that enables the end user to create a URL which can then be sent to other users.

The URL will open up SSA with all the current map settings, such as map configuration, language, X and Y coordinate location, zoom level, and the overlays that are displayed. Note that the parameters added to the URL will override the settings for the selected map configuration. If any parameters are entered incorrectly they will be ignored and the settings for the default map configuration used instead.

For example: http://servername/connect/?mapcfg=defaultmap&locale=en&x=527856.78205141&y=184187.49744735&zoom=4&ba

If this URL is used on SSA 8.x versions it does not work and the default map configuration is displayed.


The base parameter function has been removed in vSSA 8.x and v12.


UPDATED: October 23, 2017
The base map feature will be brought back in SSA v12.1.
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