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Spectrum™ Enterprise Designer displays the text interface with large characters. It may affect mainly the following windows: Tasks, Server Explorer, Palette, Canvas, Versions and Navigator.


This display problem occurs when using a very high resolution screen like 3840x2160. In this context, the Windows operating system automatically increases the size of text (% value).
This behaviour is only visible when the Windows DPI setting is greater than 150%

This is part of the Spectrum™Entreprise Designer requirements


UPDATED: June 8, 2017

Go to the Windows display options and change the size of text (% value) to 150 or less.
  • Under Windows 10, right click on your desktop then select Display Setting. Via "Change the size of text, apps and other items" feature, change the current value.
  • Under Windows 7 or 8, right click on your desktop then select Personalize > Display. Change your current value among 100, 125 and 150%. You can also choose a custom size through "Custom sizing options".

Environment Details

Products Affected:  Spectrum™ Enterprise Designer


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