Incorrect Output file name with Apostrophe (') or comma (,) during Batch run in EngageOne



If output file name, specified in the delivery option, has Apostrophe (') or comma (,), it results in unexpected output file name during Batch run.

On using comma, output file name appears till comma and rest of the file name is truncated.
For example : If output file name provided is :PLUW_PPA045651,10100 output file name is  : PLUW_PPA045651

On using apostrophe in file name, apostrophe gets removed from output file name.
For example : If output file name provided is : PLUW_PPA045651'10100 output file name is  : PLUW_PPA04565110100



During Batch run, This is a desired behaviour. During Batch run, EngageOne Generate (DOC1GEN) is invoked and comma has a special meaning when OPS file is used for output. On some platforms (Non-windows) Apostrophe is not allowed in file name hence this can not be implemented.


UPDATED: June 6, 2017
This is working as designed. For any further clarification, reach to Client Support.