Resolve SMS Outbound Profile with "Custom" Message Type incorrectly identified as Email when using EnagageOne Digital Delivery Channel in EngageOne Server

Products Affected: EngageOne Server


SMS Outbound Profile with "Custom" Message Type is deemed as Email instead of SMS when using e-Messaging Delivery Channel in EngageOne Server.

In e-Messaging, the Outbound Profile is correctly setup to be an SMS channel with the following configuration:
1. Gateway is of SMSo type:
User-added image
2. Outbound Profile is using Gateway specified above, and "Custom" Message Type:
User-added image

However when selecting the Outbound Profile for the e-Messaging Delivery Channel in EngageOne Server, the tabs for configuring the profile correspond to email, and not SMS:

User-added image

When the Message Type of the Outbound Profile is altered to be either "Single SMS" or "SMPP SMS" in e-Messaging:
User-added image

The configuration tabs in EngageOne Server will display the correct tabs for SMS:

User-added image

The issue is present ONLY when using "Custom" Message Type in e-Messaging's Outbound Profile setting.


The is due to a defect present in the Administrator UI of all versions of EngageOne Server.


UPDATED: November 15, 2017
Bug is fixed as of version and

The defect has been acknowledged by PBS Engineering team. To date (7th June 2017) Engineering is still in the process of fixing the Bug.
Please email quoting "CES-45502" should you wish to extract further details regarding the Bug Fix e.g. which version of EngageOne Server will contain the Bug Fix, ETA for the release of EngageOne Server version containing the Bug Fix, etc.