Resolve unexpected result using quote in flat file source transform of Sagent


While reading the input file, if the Flat file source transform gets special characters such as quotes, the plan fails or output gets truncated after the special character.


This issue can occur possibly due to any of the following reasons:
  • Unexpected data.
  • Incorrect setting in the Quote section of Attributes tab.


UPDATED: August 14, 2017

To resolve the issue, try the following:
  • Check the data for any unexpected input.
  • Ensure that the quote expected to be present in the input file (single or double) or which is required to be truncated, is selected in the 'Quote' section of 'Attributes' tab. If '<<NONE>>' is selected, no truncation is done and it passes the value along with the quotes.
  • Ensure that 'Detect Columns' button in the columns tab is pressed otherwise the data after quote gets truncated.
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If the issue remains unresolved, contact Client Support.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Flat File Source Transform


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