Resolve DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_Message4CreatedByUserId" when attempting to delete user in EngageOne Content Author

Product Feature: EngageOne Content Author Administration Client
Versions affected:  All EngageOne Content Author versions


Requirement is to remove redundant users in the EngageOne Content Author Admin console, but it is not possible to remove a user who has created a message in the past, even though the related messages have been changed by other users several times since the original message was created.


Attempting to delete any user that has created a message results in the following error in the Event Log:

The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_Message4CreatedByUserId". The conflict occurred in database "CCMContentAuthor", table "dbo.Message", column 'CreatedByUserId'. The statement has been terminated.


UPDATED: July 4, 2017
EngageOne Content Author retains a link to the user that originally created the message, so will not permit this user to be deleted.
This may be resolved by the provision of a SQL script by the EngageOne Content Author engineering team, but this is not currently possible via the admin console.  

Contact client support who will review with Engineering to determine if this can be done as a good will gesture, alternatively, an enhancement request should be raised through the ideas portal. For more information, refer raising enhancement request.