Resolve incorrect "remove" operation in EngageOne Vault causing errors in loader and render.


Errors in the loader log when attempting to remove a file, leading to render errors.


User has incorrectly deployed the .remove process in EngageOne Vault.

Instead of creating a text file with some size and giving it the same base name as the files that need to be removed, giving it a .remove extension and placing in the vault_install_path\server\process folder, the user has renamed the .drd file in the storage area and moved this to the process folder.  This leads to the following errors (initially in the e2loaderd log):

ERROR 80901: target already exists during staged move, from [c:\vault\server\work\20170604111402-0001-my_file.drd], temp [c:\vault\server\storage\2017\06\04\20170604111402-0001-my_file.drd.2304.tmp], to c:\vault\server\storage\2017\06\04\20170604111402-0001-my_file.drd]
ERROR 11812: unable to open compressed file [c:\vault\server\storage\2017\06\04\20170604000628-0001-my_file.drd] [LastError=2]
ERROR 18026: unable to open document data file, filename [c:\vault\server\storage\2017\06\04\20170604000628-0001-my_file.drd]

Error [2] means "file not found", caused by the fact that the .drd file has been moved out of the storage folder.

This leads to subsequent failures in the e2renderd.log file:

<connection1> <storage1> ERROR 70129: unable to read file attributes for file [c:\vault\server\storage\2017\06\06\20170606032355-0001-my_file.drd], error [2]

Again, error [2] means "file not found" as when rendering, Vault looks in the storage area for the .drd file and if this compressed file is not there, this error will be thrown.


UPDATED: October 3, 2017

The files that cannot be successfully removed should be found in the vault_install_path\server\work folder with a .err extension (for example 20170604111402-0001-my_file.drd.err).  Move these error files into a backup location, and rename the file from .drd.err to .reinstate and place this into the vault_install_path\server\process folder.  

This will prompt vault to reinstate this file, and if required, the file can then be safely removed using the correct .remove process, which to reiterate is as follows:

1. Create a text file with some content (for example "hello"), and name this to the same base name as the file you want to remove from Vault with the extension .remove (for example 20170604111402-0001-my_file.remove)
2. Place this file into your vault_install_path\server\process folder
3. Vault will then start the .remove process, safely removing and unindexing the document in question
4. Vault will place the removed files into the vault_install_path\server\removed folder, should you require to reinstate these at any time

Under no circumstances should files in the storage area (if using the storage model), or from the pagedata or docdata folders be manually deleted.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Loader, Render

Versions affected: All Vault versions


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