Resolve build submitted in the Portrait Miner not visible in Portrait Self Portrait Service Analytics (SSA)

Product Feature: Focus building


Build submitted in Portrait Miner is not visible in Portrait Self Portrait Service Analytics (SSA).


This could be caused due to a situation in which build is either running (in Progress) or have been failed.


UPDATED: June 16, 2017
When a build completes successfully, then it is published in Portrait Service Analytics (SSA).

Following are the steps to verify that is a build completed or failed:
  • Navigate to  <Build_Location>\Build_<datestamp>\ directory (where <datestamp> is in the format yyyyMMdd-HHmmss-SSS).
  • Search for run_adhocBuild.log in the build folder. Once located open it and search for 'qppublish'. It should be at the bottom of the log. Once'qppublish' is located, navigate to Internet Explorer and open https://<SSA_Address>/?q=node/<Build_Number>. The build can number can be found in the 'qppublish' line beside '-location' tag.
  • If 'qppublish' is not found at the bottom of the run_adhocBuild.log, then the build is either running or it is failed.

In case issue is still unresolved, contact Client Support.