Resolve EngageOne LDAP authentication error when using special characters in the connection details.

Product Feature: Security (OpenAM / LDAP / SSL)

Operating System: Microsoft Windows


After configuring EngageOne and setting up all of the 'Domains' and 'User Roles' an error is shown when trying to access EngageOne as a user. The error message reads:
"You are not authorized to access EngageOne Administrator. Please contact your system administrator."


The connection details that have been used to join EngageOne up to the LDAP server contain a character that is causing an error within the system. If a special character is used in the 'LDAP User DN' field then the version of EngageOne is unable to handle the value.


UPDATED: August 1, 2017
To use special characters for the 'LDAP User DN' field, an upgrade to EngageOne 3.1.2/ EngageOne 4.4.2 or newer is required. Please contact either support or account manager to obtain the newer software.