Resolve issue arising due to Tilde (~) characters in shortened URLs in Portrait Dialogue


While creating a shortened URL in the Email/SMS message template in Visual Dialogue, a Tilde character (~) gets inserted in the shorted URL.
Some Email/SMS service provider may not support Tilde character (~) and hence the SMS / Emails going out may face some issue.

e.g. «#ShortenURL("")»



This is an expected behaviour of Portrait Dialogue.


UPDATED: July 30, 2018
Tilde Character (~) can be replaced with some other character in Portrait Dialogue. This functionality has been introduced in Portrait Dialogue V6.1.4.915 (Hotfix 2) and above.

Following are the steps to replace Tilde with another character:
  • Navigate to Dialogue Admin -> Database Instances -> General Admin -> Parameter Collection -> Channel Parameters
  • Select and Press Enter on ReplacementForTildesInShortenedUrls
  • Write the character that will replace tilde.
  • It should not be the character from the set: "0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz-".
Note:  It is required that a default instance is defined.  If not defined an error will occur when clicking on a shortened link.
"Invalid URL! If you copied/pasted or typed in this URL, ensure you have included all the characters, with no extra punctuation."
Note:  Modifying it more than once can lead to breaking the backward compatibility so that the links generated with the previous replacement could not work correctly. The first suggested value for this setting is the underscore character.


As this functionality is available in Portrait Dialogue v6.1.4.915 (Hotfix 2) and above hence if earlier version of Portrait Dialogue is being used, version upgrade will be