Resolving "User session does not exist"error when opening Message Templates in Visual Dialogue (Portrait Dialogue).



When using Portrait Dialogue™ solution, certain users get the error below when trying to open certain message templates in Visual Dialogue.

User-added image



If Message Templates are linked to a Dialogue which is linked to a Campaign, and these users do not have access to the PSS, then there would be some sort of problem.
There is Message Template data stored in the PortraitDW database, so a session would have been opened to access data stored there.
If the user does not have read permissions then the associated Campaign data cannot be accessed.
Accessing Campaign data is required to open certain Campaign related items.


UPDATED: July 11, 2017
Changes need to be made to the User Properties/Access Rights.  
Edit the Permissions and give access to HQ and grant read rights.

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