Resolve Spectrum 12 Scheduler issue for a job that has 2 Splitter stages.


The Scheduler (accessible via Management Console). Whenever I try to set up a schedule for a job that has 2 Splitter stages in it, a new section appears, demanding that to override the default settings for those 2 stages:
While this might be a good idea for input/output stages, I’m not sure whether it should do this for any other types of stages, like the Splitter. Those text boxes cannot be left blank or disabled. It is expected me to provide a file path, but Splitters don’t have anything to do with files. So when we save that schedule, it will work the way we set it.executing the job, but the job fails every time because of those overridden Splitter settings.
The full error message is:

TypeConverterException: SearchIdentities-Splitter - Copy threw DataflowRuntimeException: com.pb.spectrum.platform.server.runtime.core.dataflow.engine.transformer.FieldTransformerException: Unable to convert field [source_id] from type [string] to type [integer]: com.g1.dcg.stage.type.TypeConverterException: Conversion failed due to null value.

Executing the job manually (with the very same data set) via Enterprise Designer works fine, so it’s definitely got nothing to do with any kind of conversion.


The bug report #CDQE-59064 was reported to engineering.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Dataflow Design / Implementation



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