Resolve issue where MailStream Plus is not giving SCF Discounts to mail in AADC trays being taken to correct physical facility

MailStream Plus- all versions, all platforms


There are two SCFs involved with this issue (but in principle it could apply to other similar situations):
SCF QUEENS NY 110     which handles 110-111 and 113-114
SCF BROOKLYN NY 112   which handles 103, 112, and 116

Starting in early May 2017 the USPS temporarily said Queens 110 SCF mail should be entered at the same physical facility as the Brooklyn 112 SCF.  
Because of that, a MailStream Plus (MSP) user put all of the mail for Queens's ZIP Codes into the entry point (ENT PT) for Brooklyn.  So instead of having an ENT PT for each SCF entry point, the user only had one which looked like this:
ENT PT     000001    11256 Flushing NY                   NNYNN S       N

which indicates that the mail is being entered at the SCF for 11256, which is the Brooklyn NY SCF 112

  He was then questioning why AADC trays to 110 did not get the SCF discount.   The Audit Trail showed this-
07/18/2017                                                                      EP 000001, 11256, Flushing NY
                      Destination   Copies  Bundle

     RS E-Tr 1        110   AADC       538  GRP..........269  GRP..........269
   No Destination Discount             538  1 Tray, 2 Bdls, 538 Pcs, 6.725 Lbs, 0.1601 Cu Ft, 0.49316 Ft

     RS E-Tr 2        112   AADC       135  GRP..........135
     RS E-Tr 3        112   AADC         9  GRP............9
   SCF Destination Discount            144  2 Trays, 2 Bdls, 144 Pcs, 1.8 Lbs, 0.04285 Cu Ft, 0.132 Ft

So the AADC trays to 112 got the SCF Destination Discount, but the AADC tray to 110 did not. 


The DMM (as of July 2017) says that for AADC trays to get the SCF discount-
246 4.2.1.a.2
"Placed in an ADC or AADC tray labeled to a destination within the SCF’s service area, regardless of whether all pieces in the tray are addressed for delivery within that SCF’s service area."

The AADC 110 tray was not labeled to a destination that the Brooklyn SCF handles, and so was not eligible for the discount.


UPDATED: November 1, 2017
To get the SCF discount on that mail, it has to be 'entered' at the Queens SCF, which handles 110 mail.  Just because the USPS is temporarily having the Queens SCF mail physically entered at the Brooklyn facility, does not make it Brooklyn SCF mail.  
The Queens SCF still exists as an SCF in the Labeling List L005, and as far as presorting and discounts, etc, the entry point on the ENT PT parameter needs to be Queens SCF, so it is prepared for Queens SCF.  Where the USPS wants it to be physically entered does not affect that.