Resolve the error 'program missing or inaccessible' when trying to load the MailStream Plus USPS Postal Reference files

Products Affected:  MailStream Plus™

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

Operating System: Windows



When trying to install MailStream Plus on a new windows server that has never had MailStream Plus installed before, this errors happens:
'program missing or inaccessible’
When installing the MailStream Plus USPS Postal Reference files


When using :
Program files -
   Pitney Bowes MailStream Plus
         Database Load
The user may not have enough permissions to run the database load program.  Even using ‘Run as Administrator’ did not help.


UPDATED: July 26, 2017
Try using:
Program files -
    MailStream Plus User Interface
Once in this screen- Click on Databases
Now browse to where the PRF files are unzipped, then click Load.
Now the USPS Postal Reference files install
Suggestion to work with the System Admin to check the user’s permissions for the MailStream Plus program locations.