Resolve high memory usage and increased plan execution time with 'True Color' JPEG used in Page setup option of 'Form Report sink' transform in Sagent


When 'True Color' JPEG file is used in the Page setup option of Form Report sink, plan execution time increases and Weblink server memory usage goes high. Performance degradation is observed in all three scenarios be it loading the plan, opening the plan or executing plan from sarun/weblink/Design studio. Also the export of such plan is more in size.


The issue occurs at compile time when the Report definition is fetched from the database. This information is stored as a blob datatype and there is a 'do while' loop in the code which reads this data in chunks. In case of 'True Color' JPEG file, the number of iterations of 'do while' loop is very high which causes delay in loading of plan, execution of plan and high memory consumption while performing above mentioned tasks.


UPDATED: July 27, 2017

Since, the Bitmap is 4-bit and 'True Color' JPEG is 24-bit image, the plan with True Color is more in size. Hence, it is recommended to use 4-bit Bitmap instead of 'True Color' JPEG file as a background image in the 'Form report Sink' transform to reduce the plan loading time, plan execution time and memory usage during plan execution.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Weblink Client, Design Studio, sarun


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