Resolve 'error 23720: data size is beyond expected limits [datasize XXXXX] [offset 0x0000000000000000]' in EngageOne Vault


Ingestion of linedata input fails with following error in the e2loaderd logs:
Error 23720: data size is beyond expected limits [datasize XXXXX] [offset 0x0000000000000000]


This could be caused due different record delimiter present in the linedata file than specified in the profile used while ingestion. For example profile (in profiles.ini) file
has RecordReader=CRLF but record in the input file are CR delimited.


UPDATED: August 25, 2017
Follow below steps:
1) In the profile used (in profiles.ini) while ingestion, change/introduce the RecordReader to actual record delimiter existing in the input file (for ex. CR.LF, CRLF).
2) Restart the Vault services so that changed made in profiles.ini can take effect.

If profiles.ini, can not be modified due to any reason, record delimiter in the input file can be changed to match with the one used in the profiles.

In case the files are expected to be mix of  CR, LF and CRLF delimited lines then below configuration can be used in profile:

In case issue is still unresolved, contact Client Support.
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