Resolve issue with the USPS reporting the change of address records with PO BOX are in the wrong format. Instead of “PO BOX ####” we are getting them as “#### PO BOX” using Mail360 Data Manager/ EngageOne Delivery Audit

Product Feature: General
Operating System: Windows



The USPS is reporting change of address(ACS) scans that use PO BOX  are in the wrong format.   Instead of  “PO BOX ####” we are getting showing as “#### PO BOX”.
This addresses were returned from Mail360 Data Manager/EngageOne Delivery Audit. 
For example this original address:
123 PO BOX, OldCityname, MN 56340
Was returned after ACS as:
321 PO BOX, NewCityname, MN 56314


The original  records coming in already have this format of ### PO BOX. This shows that the addresses before Mail360 Data Manager/EngageOne Delivery Audit have a process to use this incorrect format.
According to the ACS rules in the USPS ACSFileFormatTechnicalGuide.pdf  located on Ribbs:
“When the Address Type contains the value of “P”, the Primary Number will contain the associated box. When representing the address for mailing it must be formatted in the following manner: P.O. BOX 1.”
And for the Parsed Address (Old and New): for the P O BOX format example.
Reviewing the Mail360 Data Manager/EngageOne Delivery Audit database, these are parsed correctly:
old_address_type   old_address_primary_number   old_address_street_name      new_address_type   new_address_primary_number   new_address_street_name
P                                123                                                      PO BOX                                 P                                      321                                                     PO BOX
According to the USPS ACS rules, Mail360 Data Manager/EngageOne Delivery Audit is parsing out the address information correctly.
Research needs to be done on how the addresses are handled after this step. 


UPDATED: September 18, 2017
This was not a Mail360 Data Manager/EngageOne Delivery Audit issue. 
They were not handling the parsed the address information correctly in the post Mail360 Data Manager/EngageOne Delivery Audit step when the addresses were being concatenated back together.  A new process will need to be put in place to concatenate the records as “PO BOX ####” instead.