Resolve Xerox Input job issue with incorrectly coloured bands on the printed page with Output Manager


Coloured horizontal bands containing headers are displayed and printed in blue instead of yellow. 


  • The job uses black and a highlight colour. The current JSL has ROYAL as the highlight colour which results in all non-black elements taking RGB(119,128,255). Xerox LCDS is not a full colour data stream, it is monochrome with optional highlight (spot) colour support.
  • Changing the JSL to another highlight colour allowed by the LCDS data stream for Highlight colour 4850/4890 printers would not help as there is no yellow option and even if there was, it would not be a good match for the clients pantone yellow.
  • The text in shaded boxes is produced by printing the letters first and overprinting with a shading font. Both are in the highlight colour, but because the shading font has gaps between the blue pixels, it appears as a tint (lighter) than the text which is solid.



UPDATED: December 22, 2017

  • Using MAP_COLOR_1= RGB(119,128,255): RGB(255,0,0) profile command allowed all the blue text and shading to be changed to red as a test.
  • It would be possible to refine the map to make the target colour the closest match to the clients Pantone yellow that the printers will allow.
  • ​This does change ALL the highlight colour items to the new colour. It is not selective. 
  • To make a selective change would require use of the Output Enrichment (formerly Enhancement and VDE) scripting language.
  • The region of interest could be defined and combined with a test to identify the document types that would need to be changed.
  • The text strings would be cached in memory, removed, then added back in using the new target colour.
  • To perform this scripting requirement the DELETE,  ADD and COLOUR actions are required.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Xerox Input Client

Operating System: Windows (unknown)



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