Resolve 'Process exited before connecting to pipe' error encountered while using 'Oracle SQL*Loader' transform with Oracle 12c in Sagent.


While using 'Oracle SQL*Loader' transform using baseview pointing to Oracle 12c, error 'Process exited before connecting to pipe' error is encountered during plan execution.


The problem is at Oracle level and is caused by one or more DLLs missing from the client distribution. In the DLL is included but still not copied to the proper location.


UPDATED: December 26, 2017

To implement a solution for this Oracle Bug, execute any of the following alternative solutions:
  • Apply Windows DB Bundle Patch (Patch 20315685) or later (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions).
  • Upgrade to and manually copy ORANFSODM12.DLL to %ORACLE_HOME%\bin.
  • Copy the missing DLL from a (or when using a 12 1.0.1 client) database server environment.
  • When using a 12c 32-bit client (and you cannot immediately apply the appropriate/latest patch bundle), copy the missing DLL from the archive of an Oracle 12c client patch bundle, e.g. This is valid for a 32-bit client where there is no 32-bit database to copy the DLL from.
  • Use the 11.2 client software.
If issue is still unresolved, contact client support.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Oracle SQL*Loader transform
Database: Oracle 12c


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