Resolve EngageOne Delivered template showing as Processed

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EngageOne delivered template showing as Processed and not Delivered.


The root cause is the expectation that there is always synchronous processing with the deliverDocument request/response, but EngageOne was designed so that specific channels including Email and Fax are written to be asynchronous. So the response from the API call cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate given the asych nature of the implementation. The team acknowledges that the status of “Delivered” in the response is sometimes wrong and misleading, and the software will be changed so that the response status will be “Processing” instead.


UPDATED: April 20, 2017

The proposed Solution: 
1. Update the logic to pass back a response status of “Processing” to be more accurate for these channels
2. Ensure that customers implement a polling mechanism via the searchDeliveryItems API to get a “final” status once the asynchronous processing is complete

This solution (EngageOne GA- puts the deliverDocument API in line with how the Interactive/Correspondent application works - although Correspondent creates a work item to manage the delivery items, so it has slightly different logic to return a status. But conceptually they will be handling status the same.