Resolve error in Logged Date/Time of Job Status in Confirm

Product Feature: Routine Maintenance
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Logged/Effective dates have been saved incorrectly against the Job Status Log. The 'Effective Date' can be altered, but the 'Logged Date' cannot so there is an issue evidenced in the screenshot as the dates for Log No. 7 are clearly incorrect.

Job Status Logs



The device used to update the Job at Status Log 7 must have had an incorrect time/date setting. The problem comes from the actual device (running ConfirmConnect) that sent up that particular Status Log. Engineering have confirmed that Logged Date, e.g. for Status Log 7 in the above example, comes directly from the device. So if the device's time setting is out, the Logged Date will be wrong as will the Status Log as seen in the host.


UPDATED: July 17, 2017
If it is the latest Status Log that is incorrect then a correction can be attempted by saving the record again at that same Status. Status Log 8 in the image shows the user trying to save a more correct date in the Log.