Street Works Notice state is 'Not Exported' in Confirm and does not change when Street Works Transfer Agent runs

Products affected: Confirm


A Street Works Notice is not exported and there is no error message in Validation Warnings on the Transfer tab of the Notice.  The File Name field is set to 'Not Exported' and the Street Works Transfer agent is running properly and processing all the other notices.

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These are some of the reasons the Notice may not be getting exported.

Sender and Receiver Organisation are the same or have the same URL in the Web Service field on the Additional tab of their Organisation screen. In this case, notice will never be exported because it will consider it as an internal communication. Sender and Receiver organisation can be checked in the Contacts tab of the notice.
One of Organisations has the Dead checkbox ticked on the Organisation tab of the Organisation screen.
Today's date lies outside the Valid From and To dates on the Organisation tab of the Organisation screen.
The EToN Export checkbox is not ticked the Additional tab of the Organisation screen.


UPDATED: February 4, 2019
Once the Notice is raised, sender and receiver Organisations cannot be modified hence the notice will never be exported. A new Notice needs to be raised in order to proceed forward with correct sender and receiver Organisations.

Import the OD (Operational District) Batch file for the external Organisations on the Notice so the correct dates and settings are used for the Organisation you are sending the Notice to.