Resolve Confirm PAA response date is wrong when falling in non working days

Product Feature: Street Works


Under normal circumstances, Permit Authority has one calendar month to respond, although this does not include the day on which the PAA was submitted (Refer to the section 8.3.3. of the EToN specification). 

If PAA happens to fall on a non-working day, the last date & time to respond is 4.30 pm the preceding day (Refer to the section 8.2 (3) of the EToN specification). 

For example, Permit was received on Tuesday 8 December, 2015. Applying the ‘Calendar Month + 1 Day’ rule would be Saturday 9 January, 2016. However, CONFIRM lists the PAA response date as 4.30 PM 11 January, 2015. Hence the ‘non working day’ (being a Saturday) does not appear to have been taken into account. 


This issue is identified as a BUG in the system. Response period of PAA is not being calculated correctly by system when it is non-working day.


UPDATED: March 29, 2017
There is no workaround to overcome this issue. The fix is scheduled to release in future version of Confirm.