Resolve error "98,90 ACUCOBOL-GT" on the g1lmlic.vix file calling C1MATCHx in CODE-1 Plus

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus


Calling C1MATCHx results in a "98,90 ACUCOBOL-GT" error on the g1lmlic.vix file.


This error may occur when CODE-1 Plus is running on a Tuxedo server.  It could be an offset problem when Tuxedo reads the CODE-1 Plus license file (g1lmlic and g1lmlic.vix) in 32-bit CICS mode and is typically an Oracle issue with their pread function.  


UPDATED: September 22, 2017
In order to troubleshoot this issue, first make certain the CODE-1 Plus sample job runs successfully.  Also, make certain the current CODE-1 Plus setup file is in use (c1p/bin directory) and that the script brings in the current CODE-1 Plus runtime (c1p/rts). 

If running on a Tuxedo server, and
 calling CODE-1 Plus in this fashion on Unix/Linux, it may be necessary to pre-load the AcuCobol runtime libraries prior to starting the Tuxedo server.  The command to use is “LD_PRELOAD” if you have a 64 OR 32.   If you have a mixed use (32 and 64 bit) server then you would use “LD_PRELOAD_32” to load 32 bit libraries.  If it is an Oracle issue with their pread function, the recommendation would be to contact Oracle for a resolution..