Resolve "ERROR 70509: no records match for the selection criteria" in EngageOne Vault


Document gets retrieved from the base client (Windows based for example Service Client or Java/Perl sample for ServiceWeb2) but the custom application using Java or .net API gives "ERROR 70509: no records match for the selection criteria".

e2Serverd logs shows below entries:
19:12:34 {110} <render1> render.transform request, account [ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWX001], date [2017/09/17], format [20170917-hashfile-20170918110101], file [.jpg], offset [0000005000000000], database [docu2_invoices], output [10], page [1], pagecount [1], orientation [0], resolution [640], mark [0], findcolour [255], depth [8], pdfsecuritymode [0], background [0], traysetting [0], showinsert [0]

In this example, format and file should be output format and name of journal file respectively however here it is reverse.


This could be caused due to wrong order of parameters supplied in the param.SetNormalParameters function.



UPDATED: September 26, 2017

If order of parameter supplied is account, docdate, docfile, doctype, docoffset changing it to account, docdate, doctype, docfile, docoffset should help so following is correct syntax of param.SetNormalParameters:
param.SetNormalParameters(account, docdate, doctype, docfile, docoffset);

If issue is still unresolved, contact Client Support.


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