Resolve upon machine reboot login attempt to client results a blank page in EngageOne Server 4.X


Login attempt to client "http://<hostname>:<port>/client" is successful after EngageOne Server installation however upon server restart loging attempt fails resulting into a blank page.


Possible root causes could be:
1) All four EngageOne services having start up as 'Automatic'.
2) Unexpected problem occurred during configuration of Security bundle.


UPDATED: September 29, 2017
Follow these steps:
1) Make 'startup Type' of all four EngageOne services 'Manual' from Windows Service Console.
2) Reboot the machine.
3) Start Security Service, wait for 5 minutes
4) Start Core Service, wait for 5 minutes
5) Start Conversion Service, wait for 5 minutes
6) Start Composition Service

If these steps results into successful login, ensure to follow same every time server machine reboots. If that does not work, re-configuring Security bundles and following above approach of restarting services may work.