Resolve ERROR 18090 in EngageOne Vault when loading documents


When attempting to load documents into EngageOne Vault the following error is encountered:

10:22:45 ERROR 18090: aborting index job, process shutting down

Followed by this error:

10:22:45 ERROR 10132: indexing failed for file [20170907-vaultdocs-4e5aa3e9b6064abeac12bd92a0c2932b]


While the job was loading, the user has manually shut down the Vault server, leading to incomplete indexing activity, this is confirmed by the following entry in the log:

10:22:06 service stop requested


UPDATED: October 10, 2017

The Vault server (server and loader) should not be manually stopped while there is any chance of loading activity occurring as it may lead to index corruption, and in severe cases necessitate a complete reindex of the Vault.

The recommendation here would be to do the following:

Check the Vault storage folders, is this file present?

If not, is it in the server\work folder (where loading errors end up)?

If the compressed files are in the storage folders, use the .remove process to unindex the existing file. Once this is complete, attempt to reingest the files to confirm that the same problem does not occur again.

To deploy the  .remove process, please follow these steps:

1. Copy (not move) either the .drd, .drp or .jrn to a location outside of Vault
2. Change the extension of the file from either .drp, .drd or .jrn to .remove
3. Place the file with the .remove extension into the "server\process" folder in the Vault installation
4. Check the loader log, where entries like "removing xxx file and unindexing xxxx file" should be found and it will tell you when the process is complete
5. If successful, it will place the removed files into the server\removed folder
6. To reindex these files, either reload the original print stream and journal, or copy the .drp file to the server\process folder, and the .jrn to the server\download folder, which should prompt Vault to reload the document

Also, as a precaution, if the index files aren't too large, you might want to take a backup of these and keep somewhere safe, but this shouldn't be necessary.

If after doing all this, the same error is encountered when the document is loaded, contact


Environment Details

Product Feature: Loader
Versions affected: all


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