Resolve Search feature using document class not working in EngageOne Server v4x



The search feature using document class is not available in EngageOne Interactive v4x. 

When searching using the document class field/value in the Search textfield, it doesn't return any relevant result. 

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In EngageOne Server v3x, it is possible to search using the document class field/value in the EO Correspondent.

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The Search capabilities and the possibility to search with particular document class and/or field is not implemented in EngageOne Server v4x.

The functionality works correctly in EngageOne Server v3x.


UPDATED: October 11, 2017
The Engineering team will be addressing this issue on a future release of EngageOne v4x.

To request for further information on the progress, please contact Technical Support by email and quote reference 'CES-41742 / CES-49784'.